Buildings Insurance

buildings insurance

Buildings Insurance

When you own a property, having the correct insurance is absolutely crucial. At C A Mortgage Services Ltd we take great care in advising our clients on the most appropriate insurances available.

When a mortgage or loan is secured on a property, having and maintaining a Buildings Insurance policy becomes a legal obligation, and gives both you and the lender peace of mind.

Buildings Insurance is Mandatory

If you have a mortgage , ALL uk mortgage lenders will reuire you to insure at least the buildings.  Buildings insurance covers the structure of your home, not the contents – having buildings insurance is compulsory when a mortgage is secured on a property. Building insurance is required whether a property is Let out to Tenants or lived in by yourself.  We can also help with more specialist  insurance where you have tenants as you may have a few more liabilities as a landlord to your tenants.

Buildings insurance covers permanent fixtures and fittings such as roofs, fitted wardrobes & windows.  At C A Mortgage Services Ltd we have access to a limited panel and can advise you on the most appropriate policy available to you. A good policy will insure your home against a range of different risks including: storm and flood damage, fire and smoke damage, falling trees or branches and theft or attempted theft.

Buildings & Contents insurance

Many people combine buildings insurance with content insurance to make sure that your own personal possessions and valuable are also covered by insurance.,  We can help arrange combined buildings and contents insurance.

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