Mortgage Advice Doncaster

Hi  just a quick update from me to say, how hectic things are getting in the rush to do BTL mortgages before the new stamp duty rules come in, on 1st April.  From my Base in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, i’m covering BTL mortgages across  the north of England, Yorkshire, lancashire  and even down around Birmingham and Kidderminster areas.


Interesting to see that BTL lenders are starting to be a little bit more relaxed o historice adverse credit when it comes to BTL  eg old ccj’s or defaults or even a discharged IVA can now get a BTL mortgage, subject to it being cleared at least 4 years ago and clean credit since.  – Its all about the credit score when it comes to previous bad credit and BTL mortgages.

anyway  take care  hope to hear from you !